Perfect Delivery JBA Saturday League 2022

The Conditions of Play and Trips draws for the Saturday league have been updated. Read more


JBA Mixed Pairs Tournament

The draw and Conditions of Play have been updated 28th January.   Read More


Men's Mid-Week League

Round 8 results for play on 26th January 2022 have been posted.  Read More


Tower Novices 2022 - Results and Playoff draw for the Men

The playoff draw and venues for the men to be played on 29 January 2022 have been posted. Read more


Lions Pride Newsletter - Inaugural Edition November 2021

Link to the "Prides Voice" Issue 1


Men's Mid-Week League

Round 7 results for play on 12th January 2022 have been posted.  Read More


2021/2022 Circulars

Circulars regarding the amended Saturday League and Mixed Pairs starting dates and proposed Premier League format are available for viewing.   Read more


JBA Trips Tournament

Results for the Semi-Finals are available.   Read more


PLEASE NOTE: The Finals were halted due to rain and will be rescheduled for early next year. 

Click on the  "LIVE Scoring"  link to see the scores when play was halted.


Player Ranking System

The Player Ranking System has been updated. You will find it under Committees > Development.  Read more
Updated 22nd November 2021


Women's Mid-Week League

Round 8 results.  Updated 17th November.  Read More


JBA Newsletter



JBA Personal Trust Mixed Challenge Results

Updated on 8th November 2021. Read More


Perfect Delivery JBA Masters 2021

Final results after sectional play available. Read more

Please Note: Due to COVID regulations spectators are not allowed at the venues.