Circular No. Subject
83/2020 GC Swanepoel Patron Bowls SA
82/2020 To follow
81/2020 Passing of Ronnie Bell (Herbert Park)
80/2020 Executive Committee - 2021
79/2020 Passing of Bernie Hetem (Herbert Park)
78/2020 Closure of the JBA Office
77/2020 Passing of Derek Boyd (Ridge Park)
76/2020 Passing of Philda van Blerk (Randburg)
75/2020 Passing of Demitri Kammitsis (Bedfordview)
74/2020 Passing of Cherry Wulfsohn (Morningside)
73/2020 Passing of Neville van der Watt (Rivonia)
72/2020 Bowlers playing during lockdown
71/2020 Call for Executive Nominations
70/2020 Passing of Philip Olivier (Lombardy East)
69/2020 Cancellation of Tournaments
68/2020 Club Closure due to COVID-19
67/2020 Office Closure due to COVID-19
66/2020 Nominations for JBA Selection Committees
65/2020 Congratulations to JBA Singles Championships Winners
64/2020 Congratulations to Inter Districts Teams
63/2020 Postponement of JBA Competitions
62/2020 JBA Academy - Purple Squad Invitation
61/2020 Passing of Ian Sherman (Linden)
60/2020 Passing of Bruce Mackay (Linden)
59/2020 Gerry Baker appointment to World Bowls Executive Committee
57/2020 JBA Academy - Purple Squad Invitation
55/2020 Passing of Matt MacVicker (Linden)
54/2020 Passing of Gertie Nossel (Old Edwardians)
53/2020 Passing of Tibor Weitz (Old Edwardians)
52/2020 Passing of Barbara Mosselson (Roosevelt Park)
51/2020 Academy Camp Postponement
50/2020 BSA Masters Achievers
49/2020 JBA Selections for World Bowls Championships 2020
48/2020 Changes to Executive Committee
47/2020 Resignation Cindy Hoffman from Executive Committee
46/2020 JBA Selections for BSA U20 Championships 2020
45/2020 Selection for Perfect Delivery BSA Inter Districts
44/2020 Congratulations to Gauteng Challenge Teams
43/2020 Resized Bowls
42/2020 Update Annual Coaching Hours
41/2020 Postponement of JBA Saturday League
40/2020 Postponement of JBA Academy
39/2020 Level 1 Technical Official Course
38/2020 Advertising BSA Womens Nationals Handbook
37/2020 Office Closure
36/2020 Gauteng Challenge Selection Changes
35/2020 League/Tournament Eligibility
34/2020 Bowls SA Gold Squad Camp
33/2020 Updated Perfect Delivery Saturday League Fixtures
32/2020 Lightning Meters and Play Stoppages
31/2020 Technical Officials and Markers for BSA Masters
30/2020 Tournament Results to Website
29/2020 Changes to Selection Committees
28/2020 Club Membership and Tournament Eligibility
27/2020 Appointed Managers for Gauteng Challenge
26/2020 Perfect Delivery Saturday League Postponement
25/2020 Perfect Delivery Offer to Clubs and Supporting Documents
24/2020 Diwali
23/2020 Appointment of T Turner as Executive
22/2020 Perfect Delivery Saturday League Format
21/2020 Bowls SA Disciplinary Procedure
20/2020 Passing of John Tingle (Belgravia)
19/2020 Jewish Holidays
18/2020 Gauteng Challenge Selection
17/2020 Passing of Piet Cilliers (Protea Sports)
16/2020 Passing of Billy Clarke (Pirates)
15/2020 Saturday Mixed Trips League
14/2020  Appointment of C Schneiderman as Competitions Secretary
13/2020 Academy - New Structure & Qualification Requirements
12/2020  Standing Committees 
11/2020 Selection for Representation Bowls SA
10/2020 Passing of Willie Ehlers (Belgravia)
09/2020 Annual Awards Function
08/2020 Jewish New Year
07/2020 Constitution Amendment
06/2020 Office Closure
05/2020 Saturday League Formats
04/2020 Nominations - Executive Committee
03/2020 Executive Committee - 2020
02/2020 Annual Subscriptions and Nominal Roll
01/2020 Saturday League Entry Forms