Updated: 28th November - Final Standings

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A committee comprising Jax Lauder, Morningside, Anthea Robinson, Bryanston Sports, Jill Sinclair Bryanston Sports and Jenny Regan, Bryanston Country Club, was formed, with Jenny taking over the job of treasurer and Jill handling the issue of shirts.

We formed an association based on the format used by the Men's Senior League and all players joined with an entry fee of R50 and R45 was charged per team per game played.

The concept was received with great enthusiasm and we had 18 teams. The clubs participating were Bryanston Country Club, Bryanston Sports, Killarney, Linden, Morningside and Roosevelt. It was played over 6 weeks at Morningside, Linden and Bryanston Sports. Each Club excelled in their hosting.

The winners were 1st: Karen Hunking, Anthea Robinson, Cathy Dryburgh Bryanston Sports, 2nd Lynda Paige, Bonnie Jephson, Cheryl Hoft, Morningside, 3rd Jane Joyce, Morag Foster-Jones and Jenny Eager, Roosevelt.

We have a proposal that we play tournaments against other districts and will pursue this next year.


The final standings are available here.


Bryanston Sports
Cathy Dryburgh
Anthea Robinson
Karen Hunking
Lynda Paige
Bonnie Jephson
Cheryl Hoft
Roosevelt Park
Jane Joyce
Morag Forster-Jones
Jenny Eagar