Urgent Circulars

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JBA 3 Bowl Pairs

The latest results for the 3 Bowl Pairs tournament are available .   Read more
Updated 12th April - Quarterfinal Results

NB. The Shield Chemicals (Pty) Ltd Three Bowl Pairs Championship semi finals and finals take place at Killarney CC on Sunday 18 April 2021 at 09:00. Due to COVID-19 regulations, spectators are not allowed. The event will therefore be Live Streamed by LiveX and we encourage clubs to stream at your clubs. Thank you Charles Bruwer Sales Director of Shield Chemicals for their generous sponsorship. https://youtu.be/1yVcm7usFww

BSA Women's Nationals

Updated draws for the BSA Women's Nationals are available.  Read more
Updated 25th March

Perfect Delivery Saturday League

The latest results for the Perfect Delivery Saturday League are available.  Read more
Updated 12th April - Week 4 Results

Perfect Delivery JBA Fours

The initial draws for the Perfect Delivery JBA Fours are available.  Read more
Updated 15th April - Initial Draws

Men's Midweek League

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Updated 15th April - Semifinal Results

Women's Midweek League

The latest results for the Women's Midweek League are available .   Read more
Updated 1st April - Week 7 Results

Player Ranking System

The Player Ranking System has been implemented. You will find it under Committees > Development.  Read more
Updated 1st December

JBA Circulars

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World Bowls Publication

The April edition of the World Bowls publication, Inside Bowls is available.  Read more